499₹ UNLIMITED !! TRICHY KALYANA BIRYANI VIRUNTHU in Chennai | வாழை இலை பிரியாணி விருந்து
Unlimited biryani for the First time in Chennai, Trichy Kalyana Virundhu by Cholan Mess.
Unlimited Mutton Biriyani with Starters and Paal Sarbath served on Banana Leaf. Delivery will be done anywhere in Chennai on pre booking. Other must tries are Poricha Kozhi, Mutton Sukka, Eral Thokku, Leg and Thigh and Kalaki
WhatsApp orders 1 : bit.ly/2Iy48Hy
WhatsApp orders 2 : bit.ly/34Zcrnh
Cholan mess
9, Okkiyam Thuraipakkam, KV Nagar, Jothi Nagar, Sri Sowdeswari Nagar, Oggiyamduraipakkam, Tamil Nadu 600097
Location : bit.ly/3nQSYxN
Cholan Mess
Ground Floor, Moriah Retail, No.2, Dhanasekar Street, Ashok Pillar Main Rd, Kodambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600024
Location : bit.ly/316u2bC
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  • Ashwin Ashwin
    Ashwin Ashwin


  • angappan d
    angappan d

    உங்களை நம்பி இந்த சோழன் மெஸ்க்கு (கோடம்பாக்கம் )போனேன் அதனால் எனக்கு ரூபாய் 1780 நஷ்டம் இனிமேல் நீங்கள் பணம் சம்பாதிக்க எங்களை போன்ற நடுத்தர மக்களை ஏமாற்றாமல் உண்மையை சொல்லுங்கள் மிகவும் மோசமான சுவையுடைய மெஸ்

  • Black Panther YT
    Black Panther YT


  • Karthik Amaranathan
    Karthik Amaranathan

    Worst Ambience, went on new year they did not take orders we called them and placed orders we wait nearly 45 mins then manager told they are preparing food nothing available not even requested customers to wait. INlabel vloggers like you only promoting this kind of hotels for your views and cheating viewers

  • revathi suresh
    revathi suresh

    Bro phone number

  • M - Durgalakshmi. m -Durgalakshmi
    M - Durgalakshmi. m -Durgalakshmi

    Hi your video super

  • Ramesh G
    Ramesh G

    Very supper

  • Prema Nesakumar
    Prema Nesakumar

    Saved chicken 🍗🍗🍗🍗

  • Sam Rakesh
    Sam Rakesh

    Hi dan bro iam from los Angeles iam your fan

  • hello kitty
    hello kitty

    Boss romba scene podathenga content matum pothum 😳over buildup vena 🙂hope u understand 👍

  • haranath sastry
    haranath sastry

    Barota ille baasu Parota

  • Suthan gaming
    Suthan gaming

    Semma pro super



  • dineshkumar s
    dineshkumar s

    Worst mess in Chennai and they spoiled name of trichy

  • Sudhrson Su
    Sudhrson Su

    First Kai close used kitchen

  • Saravanan R
    Saravanan R

    Dhashamahan vanthu beef try pannunga bro

  • C Prakash
    C Prakash

    Bro food wast pannathinga. Next time full la. Sappdu ga.

  • John Rozario
    John Rozario

    சார் தீபாவளி யை முன்னிட்டு ஸ்பெஷல் தாளிச்சா மட்டன் கோலா இலவசம்

  • John Rozario
    John Rozario

    தீபாவளி யை முன்னிட்டு ஸ்பெஷல் தாளிச்சா கிடைக்கும்

  • Pradeep Prem
    Pradeep Prem

    Thaliva nee sona nambigaila mapala verunthu pona romba wrost ah serve pannaga epadi pannitiya thaliva 4k suvaga

  • John Rozario
    John Rozario

    தீபாவளி யை முன்னிட்டு ஸ்பெஷல் தாளிச்சா ice cream பீடாஇலவசம

  • John Rozario
    John Rozario

    தீபாவளி யை முன்னிட்டு ஸ்பெஷல் offer பிரியாணி தாளிச்சா வுடன் ஒரு token இலவசமாக வழங்கப்படும். அதை எந்த Michael s ice cream கடையில் கொடுத்தாலும் FS FREE

    • John Rozario
      John Rozario

      FS மட்டும் சார்

    • John Rozario
      John Rozario

      சார் FS மட்டுமா அல்லது பாதாம் பிஸ்தா ice cream கிடைக்குமா ? Boss



  • Sujetta Praveen
    Sujetta Praveen

    80's illa thambi 60's

  • Senthil Goutham
    Senthil Goutham

    Iam also in trichy

  • вαиgαяυ вαиgαяυ
    вαиgαяυ вαиgαяυ

    Chicken kochikum.....😂😂😂

  • Gaming brothers
    Gaming brothers

    Trichy ellarum like podunga

  • vignesh felidae
    vignesh felidae

    Y epa la video athigama poda matteriga

  • dinesh kumar
    dinesh kumar

    we went to the kodambakkam branch only one guys doing all the work there no one was there to ask anything we were waiting for seat for 30 mins wen we asked him he said food is avaialble the trichy kalyanqa biryani is there nu after we got seat after 30+ mins he say no food available wen we asked y he had made us wait and didnt inform he gave a rough look and went off without saying anything and not sayin wat is available there and we wasted 1 hour + and we moved out without food

  • Rajesh Mahadevan
    Rajesh Mahadevan

    Fake review..... Don’t get fooled by these fake reviews..... today I went to this mess video la sonna maari yedhuvum illa..... worth illa....

  • Balamurali S
    Balamurali S

    Egg enga pa

  • Udhaya Kumar
    Udhaya Kumar

    Fake review don’t be fooled by these kind of reviews ..... just went today full disappointment. Worth hey ila

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    doodle girl


  • Ammu M
    Ammu M


  • Ramalekshmi Muthu
    Ramalekshmi Muthu

    Ada ada ada abaram😛😛😛😛😛😛

  • Prem Sagar
    Prem Sagar

    Which place are you bro

  • Baala Bk
    Baala Bk

    Ordered that bucket briyani combo...got everything in silver covers including briyani raitha paal sarbath rasam plain rice etc...(nothing was packed as shown in video,only reviewers r being treated good not the normal customers) missing items : egg and kola urundais, taste was also not that great as said in video...meat pieces were hard enough, restaurant said just sorry and after long time of conversation and waiting they refunded me 200 out of 499 i paid...(yes they said 20% offer is over on sunday itself i.e. within 2days of video release) paal sarbath was like grape essence in water with 10% milk...totally a worst experience 😑 Logic: attract people in videos then automatically sales will increase no matter food is good or not Alert: don't get fooled by seeing this video and order...the result vil b same as mine.

    • Manikandan CSE
      Manikandan CSE

      @Baala Bk fact fact fact😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Baala Bk
      Baala Bk

      @Manikandan CSE thanks bro... reviewers ku hotel food vera lvl la irukum...nama nalla sapadu sapdanum na kaila camera eduthutu pona semaya gavanipanga😂

    • Manikandan CSE
      Manikandan CSE

      Semma Bold sonna bro

    • kaala 1
      kaala 1

      Very well said , I think reviewers always get special treatment ....


    Bro next time you go any where like this call me 🤣

  • Vinoth Vijay
    Vinoth Vijay


  • Heby Baby P
    Heby Baby P

    Its my humble request to you not to boost worthless restaurants.I had a bad experience from a restaurant whr u had given tht much hype.Pls don't misguide common people like me.

    • mary monica sadhana
      mary monica sadhana

      @Selvi B Thank you so much

    • Selvi B
      Selvi B

      @mary monica sadhana cholan mess bro. I'm order today, really total waste. This chennal not good. More review are fake only. Even we are not able to eat that.

    • mary monica sadhana
      mary monica sadhana

      Which restaurant bcoz im following if said clearly we be safe if ur nt interest don't say

  • Nh-7 Riders
    Nh-7 Riders

    Dan ennayum kuttitu ponga oru naal 2maasam sema pasila iruken

  • prem1712

    Simple request to all.. Don't try to order.. Worst customer response.. Not Returning the money for undelivered food.. For sure many have same problem. Kind request to dan .. Please remove this video they are looting money.

  • Aravindkumar Ponnusamy
    Aravindkumar Ponnusamy

    Okkiyam thuraipakkam Literally the food hub of Chennai Every best restaurants and their branches in a single place under 300 m radius

  • Kanaga Lakshmi
    Kanaga Lakshmi

    Anna enakkum curd pidikathu but curd onion rempa pidikkum

  • Loganathan vijay
    Loganathan vijay

    Love u bro

  • suganya kalanjiam
    suganya kalanjiam

    Super bro😍😍😍😍

  • Ponmariappan subbiah
    Ponmariappan subbiah

    Mr Dan JR, Please don't recommend this shop food is not good and the taste is very worst... After seeing your video only planned to order here, but taste was very bad. And the fish taste is very worst, it not a vanjaram fish some kind of local fish...Not worth for 549 rs. Please brother don recommend like this kind of shop. Even a road side shop food was very good, comparing to these.

  • Guruprasath J
    Guruprasath J

    Trichy la enga bro irukku

  • parthasarathy J
    parthasarathy J

    West Mogapair la cholan mess irukku bro athaiyum review pannunga bro

  • Bob Green
    Bob Green

    Only for promotion providing perfectly but as per comments worst service. dear Don don't give false promotion it disappointing your viewers.

  • Tefrela Fernando
    Tefrela Fernando

    Bro please thoothukudi vanga bro

  • A E
    A E

    Im from Trichy, Bro Trichy na Briyani ku combination Dhalcha dhan athuve illaiye 🤣

    • John Rozario
      John Rozario

      சார் நான் கிராப்பட்டி பிரியாணிக்கு தாளிச்சா வே இல்லை boss. திருச்சி யில் தாளிச்சா இல்லாத பிரியாணி தாளிச்சா தான் முதல். Next தான் பிரியாணி

  • Kharthi Keyan
    Kharthi Keyan

    Food is not worth for the money, service is very poor very much disappointed

  • Ulaga Nathan
    Ulaga Nathan


  • hello kitty
    hello kitty

    Ethuuu chicken kochikuma 😳


    parota fans

  • Divakar Shanmugam
    Divakar Shanmugam

    utter worst...they are cheating, the quantity shown in video is not the same when u go to hotel ...its not a bucket they are giving a box onl;y ( quantity is very small ). Only for promotion they are telling ..........DAN JR bro dont promote this type of peoples...pls check them once before posting the video

  • crsitiano johncr7
    crsitiano johncr7

    Danjr ne valraya😍😍😍

  • Twinkle Murugesan
    Twinkle Murugesan

    maintain social distancing. dont touch and talk. saw in many of ur videos, you were touching ur fans. be responsible.

  • Dhanush

    Total waste of money nothing you showed in the video was in the food package only kushka was there and no mutton piece and parrota had no salt

  • செம மாஸ் தண்ட சேறு
    செம மாஸ் தண்ட சேறு

    விலையையும் விலாசத்தையும் சொல்லுங்க

  • செம மாஸ் தண்ட சேறு
    செம மாஸ் தண்ட சேறு

    உங்களுக்கு கொடுக்கிற போல எங்களுக்கு தருவதில் லை

  • dharshini Enterprises
    dharshini Enterprises

    Bro omr tha Big barbeque review poduga

  • Ganesh Asg
    Ganesh Asg

    Dei lusu video podra irundha 10 mis la mudi 25 mis waste of time ...ne madiku poradhu nayanthara jothika va pathadhalam pesadha

  • Jack Jagan
    Jack Jagan

    Bro ungaluku antha coolers set aagala

  • Raj Randy
    Raj Randy

    Worst hotel.. Not at all responding to the customers.. Those WhatsApp no's to order was in online but not responding to any messages.. Called that restaurant, enquired for the food and they simply ending the call!!

    • Akhil Krishna
      Akhil Krishna

      Maybe lot of calls or enquires that they can't even handle

  • jaan jaan
    jaan jaan

    Bvk bhai veetu biryani try pannuga bro

  • Salman sallu
    Salman sallu

    Bro tdy I went there ..I just told ur name they gave me 20%offf🤣🤣

    • Social Activist
      Social Activist

      Ellam kiruba kiruba kiruba....

  • Praveen Lawrence
    Praveen Lawrence

    Bro tirupur food stall bro tirupur testi samayal place

  • Praveen Lawrence
    Praveen Lawrence

    Bro your name new subscriber my name Praveen Lawrence tirupur 😎😎👼

  • Aron Gilbets
    Aron Gilbets

    Trichy inam kulathur briyani 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • John Rozario
      John Rozario

      குறிப்பு...இங்கு தாளிச்சா வுடன் கிடைக்கும். தாளிச்சா இலவசம் சார் தாளிச்சா தனியாக கிடைக்கும்

  • GoVi

    Eppa evalo kasu vanguna ... Promoted video na solidupa. You're literally betraying your so called thambiiii thangais

  • Raghini Natrajan
    Raghini Natrajan

    ஆர்டர் செய்து ஒரு நாள் முழவதும் வரவில்லை. இந்தமாதிரி பொய்யான தகவலை மக்களுக்கு தரவேண்டாம்.அன்பு வேண்டுகோள்.

  • Saran .J
    Saran .J

    Worst management I was ordered not came yesterday 😡😡 no response It's all fake

  • vivek anand
    vivek anand

    Worst behavior of this hotel I ordered but delivered. Dnot believe all as you see in video

  • krisnanandh ms
    krisnanandh ms

    thats why you are nearing to million subscribers

  • krisnanandh ms
    krisnanandh ms

    lighting response from you bro i never had such a fast response from a youtuber or anyone at 12 midninght it is great but please give us your best reviews for good clients

  • Nor Shajahan
    Nor Shajahan

    Everytime dan jr says he don't like curd... I will be like.. finally something that he don't like... Bro u should try Briyani with takkali pachadi combo...

  • Kumar Kumar
    Kumar Kumar

    Unga namper anupuga

  • Hemant Kumar
    Hemant Kumar

    Pl don't give any order. Cholan not giving proper service.

  • Bala C
    Bala C

    Mr Dan jr please don t support any type of hotel owner okay because these guys or bleady cheaters and they are cheating the poor people like us ...it is really fake and cheating

  • Nejanthan Senthil
    Nejanthan Senthil

    Kindly don’t order this trichy kalyana virundhu home delivery from this hotel because we ordered today. The person who contacted was worst, did even respond properly he got the money yesterday and he said order confirmed. Today I called him to verify he said it ll be delivered at 1 o clock. It was more than 5 o clock I didn’t get any response from him inspite I called him many times and messaged him to. Atlast at 6 he is replying so we are unable to deliver and attend the calls. If they are not gonna deliver they should pick the call and say he is unable to deliver and not cut the calls. Worst experience today ordering this. Kindly don’t ordered u ll also face same issues. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • John Rozario
      John Rozario

      சார் தாளிச்சா வே இல்லை

    • prem1712

      Have u got the money back.. Same story for me and not returning money

    • mr vicks
      mr vicks

      Bro send a complaint mail to food safety department

  • suburamiyer school
    suburamiyer school

    Washington DC metro area Adelaide Street Ashok Kumar thanks for your email Id April

    • John Rozario
      John Rozario

      நான் வாத்துக்காரத் தெரு திருச்சி

  • Niran Jan
    Niran Jan

    Finally time has come Ella bro ..time has came 😸 ...neega Tamil a pesunga

  • Deba shree
    Deba shree

    You are great explorer bro nice to see your videos

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar

    Appadi onnum taste nalla illa bro. Masala spices overa irukku. Also there is no information about delivery time and no confirmation message. I paid delivery charge and awaited for a long time and then i went to hotel and collect my parcel.

  • srisan vasan
    srisan vasan

    Tomorrow Karim biryani opening new shop at Vadapalani buy 1 get 1 free

  • kannan s
    kannan s

    Total waste there are not delivered the food and there is no response from them. But they asked payment one day before. As u said they provide food in bannana leaf totally wrong they given in covers. They are given nethili fry instead of vanjaram fry. Not given cola urutai. Try to avoid these kind of video it will spoil ur name

    • B M
      B M

      Correct bro total Waste of money please don t watch Dan Jr vlog I have un subrisbed from his channel..

  • Magesh Vel
    Magesh Vel

    Otha Mairu mari iruku service order pana food delivery ahgala..dan jr kasu kaka entha vedio vena pananum lama ma

    • B M
      B M

      S bro you are correct he wiill tell lie and he will do anything for money bleady Dan jr

  • hem charan
    hem charan

    Very very worst service. We have ordered bucket biryani yestarday for today lunch now the time now is 5.00 clock till now I have not recieved please don't book from him very worst service they are not picking the phone very worst service please don't book from him and we have paid in advance itself .

  • Dilli Ganesh
    Dilli Ganesh

    Hi Every one i have ordered one kari virundhu food but they dint deliver food i called the booKing no 9884222567 but no propoer response so kindly don't order food here .Very very poor response and u will not get food after payment.

  • Vissu Florrah
    Vissu Florrah

    Payment vangura varaikkum dhan, Namma msg ku reply pannuvanga.. payment aanadhukapram reply um panna matanga.. food um delivery panna matanga

  • Vissu Florrah
    Vissu Florrah

    They didn't respond our msg after received the payment.. Adhuku order edukka maatomnu sollirukkalam.. payment mattum munnadiye vangikranga.. food eh delivery pannala.. evening 4 o'clock varai wait pannitu, apram veetla samachu saaptom... Don't order the food.. waste of money.. previous day eh money ah gpay la pay pannitu we all r waiting.. money ponadhudhan micham..😡😠😡😠😡😠🤦

  • JK world
    JK world

    everyone don't skip this comment seeing this video I have ordered the food through the given phone number. I ordered on Saturday 17/10/20 and said to deliver on 18/10/20 at 1:30 pm but due to rain they said half an hour delay even after 2pm we didn't get the food and tried to call and message but he didn't pick up the call. then our family was starving and went to the nearby hotel .so please don't promote these types of hotels it's an request and going to post about this in my INlabel channel

  • Dakshin Balasubramaniam
    Dakshin Balasubramaniam

    Bro first know about the hotel and go and review bro please or else you get a bad name bro

  • Ashwin Balasubramaniam
    Ashwin Balasubramaniam

    Bro avoid posting such type of video

  • Dakshin Balasubramaniam
    Dakshin Balasubramaniam

    Very worst bro

  • marianto deslin
    marianto deslin

    Bro ungalukagah thaan order pannen intha hotel ah super response bro review pandringah first hotel ah confirm pannungah avangalala food ah deliver panna mudiyumanuh very disappointed bro in our family all r waiting for lunch delivery we r waiting for past 2 hours bro ungalukagah thaan order pannom but veetla semma problem lunch aey seyyama all r hungry worst experience bro😡😠till now varala nangaley direct ah poi ketitu vanthutom he said sorry thats all sorry dan bro I am very disappointed and frustrated

    • Vissu Florrah
      Vissu Florrah

      Adhuku order edukka maatomnu sollirukkalam.. evening 4 o'clock varai wait pannitu, apram veetla samachu saaptom... Don't order the food.. waste of money.. previous day eh money ah gpay la pay pannitu we all r waiting.. money ponadhudhan micham..😡😠😡😠😡😠🤦

  • rk harish
    rk harish

    Though the price is less...The customer service in that hotel is fucking..I have ordered through whatsapp after receiving the payment, our delivery wasn't delivered ontime after that we tried to call them, but they are not responding for the call/message. So please don't review these kind of restaurants/hotels just for low price. When the customer service is poor, price doesn't matter...Simply waste of time...

  • Sanju Sri
    Sanju Sri

    I ordered today as u said. But waste. They didn't delivery at all. Waste. Ppl don't buy here

    • John Rozario
      John Rozario

      தாளிச்சா வே இல்லை

    • Ganesh Asg
      Ganesh Asg

      Ama ma waste here