UNBOXING !! 1499/- Rupees - BIGGEST CELEBRATION BOX at Home with Johanna | Rasavid Chennai
Biggest Ever unboxing year end celebration boxes from Rasavid restaurant Velachery.
For Preorders & Pickup
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Rasavid Multi Cuisine Restaurant
Sankaran Avenue, No 55 C, Velachery Bypass Rd, Indira Gandhi Nagar, Velachery, Chennai-600042
Contact : 04448654880
Location : bit.ly/2yejWKD
Rasavid Multi Cuisine Restaurant
PLOT NO 3 AND 4, WEST WING,, 200FT RADIAL LINK ROAD THORAIPAKKAM, Vinayaganagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600097
Contact : 9384009847
Rasavid Multi Cuisine Restaurant
No.137/2 A, Old Mahapalipuram Road, Semmencherry, Opposite to Sathyabama University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119
Contact : 09962665654
Location : bit.ly/2LENQL4
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    Let's Get D fied !

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    Karthikeyan K

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    mani maran

    Worst Sherman naan with some paaya Your review only for paid promotion Bad experience

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    Mani Manikandan

    Johanna army cute baby


    Bro this review vera level

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    Mahalekshmi Venkatasubramaniam

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    Yogaaathi Girisuji

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    One more. Paid promotion 👌🏻😜

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    Teaching Fanatic

    Uncle idhu bun dhanna

  • Keshavamoorthy R
    Keshavamoorthy R

    Bro, it's good you doing this. Bit take care of health.. eating outside could lead to many health problems how much ever the quality food you eat oustide nothing matches to your homefood. Health is Wealth.. Do not lose your health coz you cannot get it back..

  • Akash Raj Lakshmi Narayanan
    Akash Raj Lakshmi Narayanan

    Bro when i watch the video of yours iam just surprised to see, But when I see your rasavid videos, I am very "Vera level Excited" to see them.Super dan jr anna. I am akash of XI std.

  • Shanmugam R
    Shanmugam R

    Bro, went to this restuarant after watching your video. I don't like their briyani taste, no taste at all bro. And also very worst customer service. They made me to wait for around 1 hour to get my pot briyani ☹☹☹☹

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    karna karan

    Ungala pathathan dailyum mind freeya irukum❤️. .

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    gokul Ragul

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    sp ammu sivakasi

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    Tamil PC

    Pot briyani and bamboo chicken both of them are very bad... I bought them after watching your video but so disappointed.. please inform the viewers if it's a sponsored video

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    S. Nithesh Kumar

    Bro adutha vaati varum pothu sollunga bro enaku message panunga naan ungalodaiya periya fan and subscriber please annnna

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    Moses B

    Anga sapdu nalla illanratha kuda na poruthupan but ni saptu kudukura paru oru reaction nalla eruka mareya........anga erukiga ji

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    john_ biker

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    R.Harish Raj

    Vera level na 🐈

  • Baskar Sethupathi
    Baskar Sethupathi

    They have increased the pot briyani combo, advertisement and menu card it was 999. Now it is 1490 ..so much of disappontment..

  • roobi0888

    ive never seen anyone deavour crab like that with the shell... that was savage LOL

  • bharath gowda
    bharath gowda

    Giving it to children after you eat is not good...

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    Gokul Anand

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    Sudharsanam K

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    Rayalaseema Kitchen


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    Praveen Kumar

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    Gerard Jude

    Bro, unga vdo super but, when you taste and give review may be u can take the food in a separate plate and can taste it...coz ur going to give the food to near by children... Hope you understand what I am saying.

  • Dupak sharma
    Dupak sharma

    Bro totala avlo amountachu ???

  • nazi gowthaman
    nazi gowthaman

    You guy's really know the value of home maid food!

  • saravanan munuswamy
    saravanan munuswamy

    Nice bro well explained I'm also tempted in this biriyani definitely I'll go that restaurant

  • Sudhan rajarathinam
    Sudhan rajarathinam

    Froud promotion. example : rade street vedio. Cheating.

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    Sriakalya .S Senthil

    Super bro

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    Sunanda Rani

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    Anand Koteeswaran

    Friends...Oru doubt.. Neraya reviews in zomato and you tube food review comments'la..They've kazhuvi oothified Rasavid's food...Are all these food reviews paid/promoted ones...Dan bro... Whats ur view on it. ? No hard feelings if I've hurt anyone

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    Jaya D

    , 👌👌👌👌👌

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    Vivek Jayaraman

    Yenna thambi, yevvalavu kaasu kuduthannungha indha veena pona Biriyani thinga and marketing. Ivvalavu kevalamana Biriyani ya evanum seiya mudiyadhu... Ivan pecha kettu saptu hospital la admit dhan aaganum...


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  • Jhansi Vivek
    Jhansi Vivek

    What a fake misleading expression this guy is giving for a food that doesn't worth awww!!! wowww!!! People don't believe these food review channel and they are really exaggerating nothings

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    P theeba Pakeer

    Johann kutty nice

  • P theeba Pakeer
    P theeba Pakeer

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    Vinayagam Mathi

    90s kids candy

  • muthukumar kathiresan
    muthukumar kathiresan

    The paya and bread are worse...thallu vandi kadaila kooda paya better ah irukkum..the paya is smells like shit..even dogs doesn't eat the bread..

  • Melvin Raj
    Melvin Raj

    very bad foodI recommend you dont hav the paya. Rest is also questionable...worst i tried today dat paaya omg i vommited t... worst smell..i think because coconut added n dat paaya dey made paaya n the morning ... eve i went at 3.30pm vaeruthuta... Dan no more seeing ur videos man... three tyms failed after seeing the video. worst dont review lik dis.. waste of my money one thing i lik s onl de irani chaaya dat was gud ..really it was nice..

  • Jhansi Vivek
    Jhansi Vivek

    We bought the combo after watching ur video, such a stupid restaurant no taste in the food except chilli powder. No onion raita and don't mislead people to buy in such a restaurant which doesn't worth money

    • Jhansi Vivek
      Jhansi Vivek

      @hp Yeah I agree, its absolutely my fault. I think I need to unsubscribe this channel

    • hp

      You should not buy food based on food reviews by INlabelrs , its solely a your mistake . If you should cross checked with their zomato and Google reviews , these so called INlabelrs get a fat check from these restaurants to promote them .

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    Vanitha Senthil


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    Rthi Gopika

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    Asiya Shafreen

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    I had worst experience in the restaurant... Especially naan... Very worst taste... The served one was really not fresh at all...

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    Learn Spoken English

    Nice video ! Good explanation !! Thanks!!!

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    A.Praveen kumar

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    Krishna Chaitanya Ramaraju

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