MY DAY with NIVAR CYCLONE !! நிவர் புயல் CHENNAI
Nivar cyclone vlog for the last two days comes to an end.lets pray for Pondicherry and Cuddalore as they are affected more due to this cyclone also in most of the coastal areas are flooded including Chennai.
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    4:51 bro nenga paathathu green meteor....athu namma south india la than paakum pothu blue, green, white , orange, red indha sequence la colour change aachu....ungaluku andha meteor picture paakanum naa....insta la "ourplanetdaily" nu oru page iruku athula irukum andha meteor pic...have a look 😊.

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    Sky became blue red because in perumbakkam , EB office oda transformer burst. Bcuz the EB lines started to get tangled with each other due to wind. And spark came and burst into fire

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